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Stunning Landscape,Wonderful Stay & Inviting Ambience

Thank you for your interest in the Aurora RV Park, where guests spend their days enjoying some of the most spectacular vistas in the world. You can see that for yourself in the pictures on this website, none of which have been enhanced. Yet, as phenomenal as the pictures appear, they are nowhere near as glorious as the real thing.

We are dedicated to having every visitor thrill at what we offer, and we will do everything we can to make sure each has a wonderful stay. Are you a fisherman? Lake County has repeatedly been named by the American Lung Association as having the lowest level of particulates of any county in the nation! Accordingly, especially from March through October, myriad constellations and the Milky Way are right before your eyes virtually every night.

In addition to the foregoing, we pride ourselves on having an amazing staff that will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. Just let us know how we can serve you, for – as is our motto as well as our web address – we definitely want you to!

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Much has been done to renovate the property since it was purchased in 2015. The first work involved fixing and replacing the cracks in the concrete that were seen as hazardous. We then set about making major renovations to the building that houses the laundry, office, restrooms, and activities room. The building has been painted, and most of the deteriorated furniture has been replaced.
The bathrooms are now exquisite, with granite countertops, large mirrors, motion-activated faucets, and soap dispensers, tile flooring, waterless urinals, and private (completely enclosed) rooms housing our commodes. Numerous guests have told us that ours are the nicest bathrooms they have ever seen at a camping or RV park.
The laundry and office have a new entrance from Lakeshore Boulevard so that guests and others no longer have to walk through the laundry room to check-in, etc. In front of the restrooms, the dumpster enclosure was demolished, and a flood-proof handicapped bathroom has been constructed.
Tiled cement picnic tables have been constructed, and all seven lakefront pads should soon have their tables and benches in place.
Extensive landscaping work has been performed (though much is still planned). We have an impressive driftwood fountain with water that cascades down from up in an adjacent tree and surrounded by flowers.
The area outside the activities room has been fenced in to provide privacy for those who use that room as well as for tenters who stay in that second lakefront area.
"The point" – where guests can fish or simply enjoy being within a 300+ degree view of the water – has been remodeled with a stamped concrete walkway and additional landscaping.
The large (6,000 square foot) building on the west side of the property that literally extends into the lake now has a 167-panel solar energy system installed and an assortment of new structural supports. Planning has been begun to convert the space into the Nice Wellness Center and to house a unique luxury accommodation overlooking the lake with a fireplace, steam shower, massage chair, hot tub, and more.


The first official information we have about the property is from July 1, 1922, showing that it was part of the Clear Lake Villas subdivision.
What happened between 1922 and 1994 is pretty much unknown. Apparently, however, the Aurora was "the happening spot" on the lake in the 1950s-1970s. There was a restaurant that was exceedingly popular and a pier that extended past Otter Island. On the pier, people would be packed shoulder to shoulder, watching boat races.
There was also a boat repair shop in the large (6,000 square foot) building that now is being used mostly for storage. Where the pilings are still seen (about 100 yards out from the sea wall), there was a breakwater that protected the interior from the large waves that develop every once in a while. That breakwater allowed the owners to put in a full dock system, where many people apparently stored their boats. The remains of the breakwater are now below the surface, and reportedly those remains serve as habitat for bass, catfish, and other desired fish species.
It appears that sometime around 1994, Daniel T. Brennan obtained a permit to put 51 RV spaces on the property north of Lakeshore Boulevard. Whether the spaces south of the road were already in place or if they were installed later is uncertain.
Correspondence from January 1999 indicates that a Sam Lamonica purchased the park around that date. Sometime between 1999 and 2004, the property was purchased by the Robinson Rancheria. It was sold to the present owner, Nice RV Park, LLC, in 2015.
Because the RV spaces were put in decades ago (before the advent of slide-outs), the spaces are narrow by today's standards. This is especially true for the seven lakefront spaces, which presumably were built before the spaces on the north campus. Nonetheless, we are able to fit rigs of all sizes, and even when those lakefront spaces are all full, guests seem to manage fine, adequately maintaining their privacy. It seems that everyone is willing to accept the close proximity to their neighbors in order to experience the magnificent views that are virtually always present for those right on the waterfront.

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